Friday, May 31, 2013

Just a Few Lines featuring Deadly Consequences by Jude Pittman

A Few Lines From Deadly Consequences by Jude Pittman

A shot rang out from the direction of the stables. Kelly

leapt out of his chair, grabbed the gun out of his jacket pocket and slapped

the screen door open.

“What the damn hell?” He yelled as he raced towards the

brood barn, where Jake, alerted by the gunshot, stood in front of the closed

doors barking like a beast gone rabid.

“Easy boy,” Kelly said, approaching the door with his weapon

drawn. “Gilly, you okay in there?” Kelly reached the door and pulled the

handle. It held fast. Someone had apparently locked it from inside.

“Gillian?” Kelly called in a voice laced with fear and Jake

once again started his frantic barking.

“Okay. Stand down.” Kelly spoke to the dog, then placed his

ear against the door and listened.

From inside came the sounds of sobbing.

“Gillian.” Kelly yelled again. “For God’s sake, open the


Stop back next week for a few lines from Jamie Hill.

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