Monday, May 20, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

First meander is about not being here to have posts posted. There will be none on Thursday, Friday and Saturday. Hopefully there will be one on Sunday if I'm not brain-fried from an early morning flight. The reason is the high school graduation of third grandchild. So proud of him and he's my favorite fan of the YA fantasies I've written. Soa great congratulations to Justin.

Second meander is about guests to the blog. Mae Clair is one of the best. The reason is that she does what blog guests should do and that is to read the comments people make and respond to them. I've ad guests before and they let the comments go uncommented. Building a rapport between people who read the posts can lead to sales. Not doing this means no connection.

Third meander is about helping others become published authors. This week I was able to send another writer to one of my publishers Books We Love and to have her story accepted. Congratulations Claire.

:ast meander is my progress on Shattered Dreams. Am nearing the end of the draft that takes me to the final read through. Hope to finish it this week and that means writing in an airport while waiting for a flight and then in the chaos that will surround the visit to Florida. Hopefully I'll be able to finish there and not lose the momentum of this final writing draft where all the small problems except for the read through are complete. I'm wishing myself luck.

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