Monday, May 27, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters

Been away from the computer for nearly 5 days. Now, I'm back.

Meander 1 Today is Memorial Day and I've seen a lot of them. Remember when it was always on May 30th no matter what day of the week. Now the day fluctuates. Today I'm remembering my uncle who was in the Navy during the Second World War. He was my favorite uncle. I can remember how handsome he looked in his uniform and how I hated to see him leave. He died during the war and my life became a little less happy then. but his memory will survive.

Meander 2 Spend days in Florida for a high school graduation. Third grandchild to finish high school. Since he has no idea what career he wishes to pursue, he has decided to enlist in the air force with two of his buddies. The only thing I can say is this was the longest graduation I've sat through recently. Only about 130 graduates and this went on nearly two hours. A lot of speeches and some were rambling.

Meander 3. Did not write for the four days I was gone, hope the momentum hasn't been lost toward completing Shattered Dreams. Was within one and a half chapters of finishing the 6th draft which is the one where I try to find all the little places where I've backed off from realizing a scene. Will be back to work today.

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