Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday's How She Does It featuring Karen Cote plus a word about EPIC #EPIC #MFRW

As Karen says we have several places of contact. EPIC is for everyone who is involved with electronic publishing. I've been there almost from the start and have met so many people who share my interests from writers to publishers.

Hello dearest Janet and I cannot tell you what an honor it is to be here. You are simply adorable and not only do I know you from Marketing for Romance Writers where people pay it forward by helping others, I also have the pleasure of spending time with you at the Voice of ePublishing or as we know it - EPIC (Electronic Publishing Industry Coalition).

To be here is another delightful opportunity to once again see a different side of someone I'm learning is a very generous individual.

So…on the hot seat with your lovely Friday How She Does It.

Question 1)

I do not have a special system different than other artists in this industry. Most will tell you their characters are the special part of the system that makes writing a unique and invaluable treasure of meeting all those people who exist in our heads. I can tell you that my characters develop themselves and surprise me on who they want to be and I am taken by surprise each time when I fall in love with my hero. He usually carries some characteristics of my real life hero which is my husband although, even after developing into everything I'd want in a hero, my character still does not possess all the traits my husband does. My husband astonishes me constantly with his goodness and love. I couldn't possibly create such a soul-mate. Hubby is a direct gift from above. I don't question how that happens or how he is the way he is. I'm just grateful.

Question 2)

My hero and heroine reveal themselves before the story. It's kind of like, meet so-and-so. Now they want me to write their story. I do not plot. I have a general idea on who I want to spend time with these wonderful creations who enter my head but overall it's a love story. Their love story and I can tell when I get in the way of who they are becoming as they do stop talking to me.

As for ideas for scenes, they usually come the day before or late at night when I'm trying to sleep. Since I write Romantic Suspense, coming up with scenarios of the mystery and crime are never something I struggle with. I love Criminal Minds and reading books by John E. Douglas who was the real life profiler in the FBI. His detail provokes ideas. In fact, I follow the FBI on Twitter and it was one of their tweets in capturing someone who had hidden a camera on someone's computer that prompted my current novel, Crime of Fashion, not out yet.

Question 3)

I never know how the story ends. Just "who done it". I love making other characters appear suspicious to throw readers off on who the perpetrator is. Erotic Deception (which is a Romantic Suspense, despite the title - darn I wish I would have rethought that as people rightly confuse it as an erotica-type). I do not close the door, however, so it still qualifies for some censorship. Anyway, as I was saying, Erotic Deception has had many reviews on Goodreads and none have indicated they'd guessed the killer. On the contrary. They were surprised. I like that.

Question 4)

I enjoy choosing settings I know because I'm a "feel my way through" something-type so I can put my reader there through my eyes. That way I can focus more on making scenes gripping without making something up. So far it has worked well and since I've travelled many places with my husband, it's not difficult to choose a different location each time.

Question 5)

I do research through the internet. I'm a bit of a geek though so I have to be careful to stay focused on what I'm researching and not get caught up in the constant shiny new gadgets I get sidetracked with. I think those darn search engines track my activity as new gadgets are always hitting me somewhere or another.

Question 6)

I do not draft. I have no idea what is around the corner for my characters. In fact, it's when I put them somewhere of my own choosing, I usually end up deleting some very valuable word count. I actually love the surprise on where my story and characters end up. It's fun. Like opening a journey with unlimited possibilities.

I believe that is all the questions you had for me. Thank you, Janet. Once again, I cannot express how humbling this is. What a fabulous home you've made for yourself here. Thank you for inviting me in.

Karen Cote' -

PR Chair -

EPIC, the Voice of ePublishing since 1998



Hi, my wonderful friend, Karen. I still don't know how she does it. She volunteers everywhere. Is "no" even in her vocabulary? LOL. She has been an amazing help to me and for her friendship, I am truly grateful. Now, go get 'em, girl!!! ox

Karen Cote said...

Aww Vicki, the inspiration you are enables one to be a better person than they were before they met you. Thank you for the amazing influence you've been in my life and for the beauty of your friendship.

Anonymous said...

Hi Karen and Janet. Great post. I enjoyed your answers. My hubby has a lot of traits my heroes have too, but they are still individual characters. :)

JL Walters said...

Karen, so glad you're with me today and tomorrow. I'll be looking up your books soon.

Karen Cote said...

Kitty, I saw that hero holding you in his arms on Facebook. He lifted you up like you were a feather. Simply lovely. Thank you so much for taking time to stop by. It means much.

Karen Cote said...

Thank YOU, Janet! I've been looking through your novels and you certainly have quite the library you've written. Wow. The story lines are right up my alley and a few jumped right out at me screaming, read-me! Lol.

Thank you so much for hosting me today. You are a delight and I am grateful

Elise VanCise said...

Great interview with a wonderful lady. I love what you said about heroes. They are amazing how they make us fall in love over and over again :) Lucky lady to have found your real life hero. Karen really is an amazing person who inspires the best in those around her. I'm proud to have her as a blessing and friend in my life :)

Karen Cote said...

Elise, I've met many people in my writing career but darn if you aren't an impressive and gifted artist to know and a wonderful friend to have. I've been certainly blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for always being there.

Melissa Keir said...

I joined EPIC last year and have found it to be an amazing group! I can see that Karen, you are a lot like me in your stories. Your books sound amazing and you sound like a very busy woman!

All the best,

Kristyn Phipps said...

Karen, I always knew we had a lot in common. When I read your confession about how you research and get distracted, I felt so much better about my own problem!

I enjoy the research so much more than the writing. It's the nosy-childlike habit I nourished growing up. I just have to know! So when the new shiny toy comes along...I'm running off on rabbit trails before I know it.

It was great to get to know you a little more!

Karen Cote said...

Melissa, what wonderful things you said as well as taking the time on a busy Friday to stop by. Thank you. Stuff like this propells the momentum into the weekend. EPIC is amazing especially in meeting fabulous people like this. Hope yours is filled with many blessings.

Karen Cote said...

Lol Kristyn. It's a hazard, isn't it! Darn Internet. Thank you so much for stopping by. You know, finding out what your favorite candy is tells me a lot about you too. :D

Hugs my friend and thanks again.