Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tuesday's Inspiration - words by B. J. Chute

When I read the essay by B. J. Chute, I came across interesting ideas. The essay was titled What Makes A Fiction Writer. That's something I've been thinking about for years. I sort of feel I write fiction since writing non-fiction often hurts my head. So here is what was said.

"There are four qualities without which one cannot write fiction at all." What are the qualities B. J. Chute thinks are vital to becoming a writer of fiction?

Imagination is the first. Without being to imagine a character or set of characters interacting in a situation all one would be left with boring lists and details. Imagination is what carries the writer into a new and different world or a new slant on the present one.

Empathy is the second. Empathy is the ability to walk in another person's shoes. Empathy goes beyond sympathy. Using this quality allows the writer of fiction to step beyond the facts and enter the character or character's world and bring the reader along for the journey.

Style is the third. I'll have to admit this puzzled me for a time. Here style is said to be the way the story is expressed. Perhaps this is the same thing as voice and tone put together.

Patience is the fourth, Lord knows, a writer needs gallons of patience. There is patience when writing and putting words on the paper hoping to find the right way of expression. There is also patience after sending the story into the world of waiting to hear from an editor or an agent. There is also the need for patience to see the story take form in the electronic or paper version.  I would rate patience next to imagination.

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Melissa Keir said...

Patience is hard. I didn't realize how long it took for an idea to become a book. It was hard to wait on the edits and then wait for the day it goes live.