Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Books We Love Blurbathon featuring One More Tomorrow by Shirley Martin

Destined to live in darkness, Galan must defeat the evil Moloch to win the

love of the mortal woman, Stephanie.

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ONE MORE TOMORROW is a wonderful vampire romance. S.A. Martin has done a

truly outstanding job of showing the tormented life of a vampire through her

character of Galan. I also love the abilities she has bestowed on her

vampires, they can enter any door without being invited, they can transport

themselves anywhere, to any time period in which they lived and they have

amazing strength. The characters are realistically portrayed, the story line is

enthralling and the love between the two characters gives us all hope of a

soul mate. I highly recommend ONE MORE TOMORROW to all lovers of romance.


Vampire romance fans will not want to miss the delightful ONE MORE

TOMORROW, a fine tale starring two star-crossed lovers and the evil that shadows

their every step. Galen is an admirable soul who drinks blood from only

criminals while Stevie is a courageous person wondering if she truly loves the

vampire. Although Moloch seems too intelligent and malevolent not to

recognize the essential goodness of his apprentice (one can soundly counter argue

that it goes against his blood to believe a vampire would love instead of

hunt a human), readers will want more tales like this strong love story.

Harriet Klausner

Kathy Fischer-Brown will follow on March 7. She is an outstanding writer of


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