Monday, March 18, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting

Saturday I gave a program presentation for NJRW and hopefully it went well. I managed to get some audience participation and that was good. The other thing two people brought the first page of their manuscript to see if they had brought the right tone to their story. Did my It Was lecture and also talked about cliches to both of them. The thing that interested me most was the age of one of the writers. She is 19 and writes very well. I do believe I see a great future for her.

Spent the whole week doing little writing but was dealing with Create Space and finally nailed down all the books. Now I wait for the proof copies so they can list the books for sale. There are only three more from Books We Love to get up. Then I will work on another publisher to see if she will retain the ebooks and allow me to put the books up for sale. I think they'll get more possibilities for sale there than they did elsewhere.

Am now working on finishing a draft of To Heal Shattered Dreams and on the Goddesses of Er. Then it will be time to block the second Moonchild book but i have no idea what the title will be. One will arrive. I'd like to keep the To Heal and see what happens there. Or maybe have part of them To Mend and other To something. Will see what will happen when I get that far,

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