Monday, March 11, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters and New Release

For all who have followed Katherine Miller, retired nurse, retired church organist who doesn't want her third career, the 5th book in the series The Micro-Manager Murder has just been released by DiskUs Publishing. Katherine's wedding day brings surprises and another investigation. This book really excites me since Katherine being Katherine and what she feels about her friends and family leads her to actions that upset some of the members of my critique group. They were new to her world. The ones who have followed her career, all said "Figures she would do that." I'm glad to see this book out there since it was fun and convoluted to write. I know there will be one more in the series and maybe that will be the end since Katherine is approaching 70 and needs to slow down.

Now for a meander. I've been having people visit my blog on Friday and Saturday for a long time now. What I've found is the ones who have promoted the site bring people to visit the blog and sometimes they stay and continue to follow. The ones who don't promote see fewer visits. I know when I'm a guest on a blog, I get out there and let , maybe not the world, but the loops where I'm a member hear about my visit. How about you? Do you let others know and do you go on to see if there are comments and respond?

Meander two. I'll be spending my afternoon with Create Space trying to get four more books up there in print. Then there are 3 more to go, plus an idea I have to discuss with one of my publishers. Will see what happens there.

Saturday I'll be speaking at NJRW and have my talk done. Hope it's long enough 45 minutes to an hour is a long time to be on stage. At least I can sit down to do this.

Am almost finished with a draft of To Heal Shattered Dreams. Then there will be only three more to go. This one has been involved with plugging all the holes in the plot. They're down to inches from miles so that's a good thing.

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