Thursday, March 21, 2013

Books We Love Blurbathon - Driven To Love by Pat Dale

Driven to Loveby Pat Dale

Previously published as Goldie’s Bear

Night after night, Lucy yearns for her fabled fairy prince

to rescue her. Thom Hill arrives, acting more like an ugly frog than

the princely character in Lucy’s dreams. But who knows the magic in a

simple kiss? If you knew a handsome hunk of a man was only a kiss away,

would you do it? Would you kiss a frog?

Lucy did and Driven to Love tells you what she got for her

effort. In a classic case of the irresistible force meeting an

immovable object, Lucy Fox zeroes in on her hero and lets nothing deter

her. Thom Hill is drawn into a sizzling romantic battle with the

blonde dynamo, resulting in an affair that’s not too hot and not too

cool, but just right.

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