Monday, February 25, 2013

Meandering on Mondaywith Janet Lane Walters

First meander is about #JeRoWriMo and how I've passed the 30,000 words needed to reach the finish line. As I crossed, I thought of all the words I re-wrote that didn't count. Since I'm a by hand writer and a draft writer, the story evolves with each draft. What I figure is that I've  penned about 75000 words during the challenge. Almost makes me think my hands are falling off. How did I reach the count of how many new words I've really written. This is how it goes. College ruled paper, fine point pens. No matter what each page back and front of a page averages 600 words. Some more and some less. I also keep track of how many words each chapter of each draft contains. So it's a matter of subtracting. I suppose it would be easier to do this on the computer but I've been writing this way for nearly 50 years and if it's not broken, don't fix it.

I have two upcoming talks anirst one about Plot and I'm impressed by what I've said so far. This will be a short talk. Fifteen minutes at a library. Now I've been to this library before and I really hope this time will be better than the last one. That time we came but no one else did. Should make for an interesting evening if the same thing goes. But I'll be an optomist and see what happens.

As to my writing. I'm really moving forward with To Heal Shattered Dreams, the first of the 12 Moon Child stories. The Goddesses of Er is moving slowly but I'm removing words and making the story make sense. 40 years or so ago, I write this book and there it sat but I'll finish it one of these days. Have planned the second Moon Child story as yet untitled and will soon start on a rough draft of the tale of a city cop and a small town woman who were high school sweethearts who broke it off and drifted apart, Am also getting ready to put four more books up on Create Space and that does take some time to do. Looks to be a busy week.

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