Monday, February 11, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #JeRoWriMo

Somehow I managed to erase the whole thing I started. How I may never know but I'll start again. Last week the big news was the snowstorm. Nemo. What a silly name for what could have been a disaster and was further to the north of where we are. We got about 8 inches, Figured that out from cleaning off the car to go to the grocery store on Sunday. At least there was salad. None on Friday.

Writingwise I'm doing the JeRoWriMo and am working now on three books. Almost ready to do another draft on the first Moonchild story that I'll probably call To Mend Shattered Dreams. Heroine is a doctor. Hero a nurse.They were high school sweethearts and he didn't show up to take her to their prom. Began planning the second one not titled as yet. She is 7 months divorced and 9 months pregnant. He was her high school steady and is now a city policeman. I sense a theme here. Also up to chapter 12 on The Goddesses of Er. Trying to fill inholes in the 40 plus year old story and cut it down from 109,000 words to no more than 80,000 words. Is an interesting and trying project.

The last thing on my writing plate is re-opening my CreateSpace account and getting ready to put about 6 books into print that weren't done already. Also finally fixed it so royalties could be put directly into my checking account. I'll see how that works since there's about 24 dollars there already.

Also must get tracking on figuring my expenses and take for last year. See the accountant soon.

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