Monday, February 4, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #JeRoWriMo

Last week on the first of Feb, I began the NJRW challenge. 30,000 words in 28 days. Since I generally write 2000 words a day, this should be a shoe in for me. Except these are new words, I'm working on two projects, One is typing in the revisions of a mss that is hand written. So far have added 1500 words to that. The other is an old manuscript that is being completely re-written. The idea was good but the execution was , not bad but not up to the way I write these days. I came across a real interesting thing while writing. The story starts at the spring equinox but somehow a number of chapters in the time changed to nearing the winter solstice. There was no reason for the change and this meant a major change. How to change winter to summer and keep the peril to the characters present. No snowbound in the summer but I put in a flood. At this point I've written 4200 words there. So much for rewriting.

Another thing I managed to do was get one of two rights back books off to the publisher. And to do the second one. I will say I was very surprised when the former publisher released the third book of the fourth book series before the contract expired. I will honor them for this since there are other publishers who don't do such a thing. I have a friend who can't write the third book of a trilogy because her publisher won't release the other two. They haven't paid her royalties on the two books either. That is a crime, but something we all face with small publishers. I have three who pay on time and always let me know how I'm doing. With another publisher we've gone to yearly reports and that's fine since I only have one book with them. There are two publishers who give me no details on what's been happening with my books. One of these days I'll take action there,

Must get back to work and also plan my short talk at a library on Saturday. A library in a Mall sounds different and interesting.

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