Monday, February 18, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #JeRoWriMo

Meander number 1 When you've been invited to do a post on someone else's blog, what do you do? Do you post it to all the loops you belong to? Do you keep quiet and not let anyone know? Do you go on occasionally during the day and the days following to see if anyone has commented and answer them? Do you even bother to thank the person whose blog you've been a part of for having you? Some people do and many don't do any one of these things. I do know when I'm up somewhere I post it around and try to see if there are comments. I also thank the poster on their blog if possible. There are some blogs that won't let me post a comment. They tell me I am not who I am and that bothers me quite a bit. Then there are the times when I try and try and can never manage to find the right combination of letters and numbers. Then I will let the person know and tell them how happy I am to have been their guest. Also if I have made a mistake on my blog with the name or subject, I will immediately make the change. So enough here.

Second meander if the #JeRoWriMo The first two weeks had be cruising along. Now I have reached a point in the mss I'm working on that it will be slow going. Wheter I reach the challenge quota of 30,000 words doesn't matter. What has been fun about this is sharing with others and encouraging each other. Since I'm one of the new kids on the block it's been fun.

As to my writing I'm into anew draft of To Mend Shattered Dreams and have blocked the second one in this series plus doing a bit on The Goddesses of Er. Feel good about what I'm doing and Shattered Dreams is feeling like it's a good story.

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