Monday, January 14, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amreading #amwriting

First I'm celebrating Lines of Fire was released by Books We love. Received the strangest review on it. Rating was a 4 but the remarks inside were pans. Got to figure what this meant or not since I seldom pay attention to reviews.

Vow number one this week is to start doing some promo work and go after the rights on one of my books. Would like to get the last two with this publisher but the third book of the four is still in contract.

In books and often in romance novels, cliches are born. I read nearly as much as I write. Lately I've read this line in maybe as many as ten of my most recent reads. "He tucked a strand of hair behind her ear." I thought the first time I read that "How cool. What a nice way to show the alpha man in ant of tenderness." A lot of other writers thought the same thing. Of course, this could have interesting effects in other genres. What would it mean in a horror story. Maybe someone has used it there but I don't read horror. I do not like to be chilled. Another place where it could change would be a mystery with the villain performing the act just before of after he killed his victim. Now that's a thought. Unfortunately my mysteries are written in first person from Katherine Miller's viewpoint. I've seen this sort of action, bit of dialogue crop up in stories. Could it be the collective unconscious or is it really like my reaction. "How cool." Let me put that line in my story. Thus cliches are born.

As to my writing I've begun a story that has no title. It's part of a long series of novellas. I like the way it's going and will continue to work on it. Once I have several of these done I'll propose the series to one or more publishers and see what will happen. I'll still be working on the one that nearly got left in the dust of the file cabinet. I also want to start on Tainted Lines the sequel to Lines of Fire,

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