Thursday, January 3, 2013

Thursday's Who Janet Lane Walters Has Been Reading #amreading

While sorting through some paperback books to alphabetize them I came across a book I hadn't read. Must have put it on the shelf and forgotten I'd bought it but I sat down and read the book. The two others read this week were both on the Kindle. Love the diversity of what venue a person can choose for reading.

A Christmas Promise by Mary Balogh - This is a really good Regency romance and Ms. Balogh never fails to satisfy my reading tastes and give that warm feeling.

Betrayed Countess by Diane Scott Lewis was an interesting read and the heroine a woman in development. The story begins during the French Revolution and sends the heroine off to England to a life of toil. I do hope there will be more of her adventures since the book left me hanging in mid-air hoping for a happy ending.

Fatal Deception by Marie Force - Really enjoyed the action and adventure in this romantic suspense. I should have begun with book 1 of this series so I could follow the development of the main character. That will happen and I feel I won't be left unsatisfied.

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Wendy S. Marcus said...

I'm a fan of Mary Balogh, too! I haven't read Marie Force yet, but I have one of her books on my Kindle. I met her in person at RWA NJ and if her books are as entertaining as she is I'll be a fan for life!