Monday, January 21, 2013

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #amwriting #amreading

Last week was interesting. Heard a reviewer give a talk on trends in writing. She aslo said something like this, If you write a book you will find others who want to read it." Maybe yes and maybe no. There are some books I would never want to read and I do tend to read a lot. But the advice seemed good. Following what's hot this year may be cold next year. We've all seen the way the market leaps on a story that hits the charts running. Then everyone wants to write that book or a variation of it. The market is drowned and the market dies. People start to say, Not another book like book A or B or C." For me I write what I want to write and I do find people to read them.

I also volunteered to be part of a committee for a conference. Took on a project that interests me. Fewer baskets but ones with greater value so things won't be left behind. A good idea. Was looking at some facts. The group has about 150 members. If each one would donate five dollars or ten dollars to buy quality things for the baskets. We could have ten or twelve really great ones. Will think on this some more.

I've been reading several of my friends' first books and now their latest. I've had my fingers in a number of other writers' careers and what really makes me feel good to to watch their improvement.. A lot of people can write one book and never grow as a writer. So my hat's off to those of my now and former critique partners who have constantly improved with their writing.

As for myself. Still working on two projects. One without a title but there are some ideas brewing. Now it's off to write and type.

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