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BWL Blurbathon featuring My Mozart by Juliet Waldron

In Honor of Mozart's Birthday, January 27th, the BWL Blurbathon brings


My Mozart by Juliet Waldron from BWLPP

"…Mozart was her teacher, her mentor, her rescuer, and, finally,

fatally, her lover."

"Mozart, Ich liebe dich. I love you. Love you."

"Come here, Nanina Nightingale. Come and give your poor old Maestro some

of your `specially sugary sugar."

My mouth on hisâ€`â€`the friction produced warmth and sweetness,

with a decided undertone of the expensive brandy he liked, flowing from

his tongue to mine. I slid my arms across the brocade of his jacket,

none too clean these days, and swayed a slender dancer's body against


Let me assure you that my sophistication was assumed. It really doesn't

matter - then, or now. I was young, foolish, and drowning in love. I was

seventeen. He was thirty five.

He had once been boyishly agile, doing handsprings over chairs, turning

cartwheels of joy at a prima donna's kiss or a perfect performance

of his own celestial music. He was never tall, and was, like most men of

his age, working on a bit of a belly. Still, he kept more or less in

shape by a daily regimen which included running from bailiffs, dashing

out the back doors of taverns to avoid payment, and climbing in and out

of the bedroom windows of adventurous (and talented) musical


I believed he knew everything--that he could see right through me with

those bright blue eyes. He probably could. He'd been my music

master--and, more--my deity, ever since I'd met him, in my ninth year.

His jacket, now spotted and stained, must have been fine enough to wear

in the presence of the Emperor. Bright blue, it perfectly matched his

eyes. I can still feel the fabric sliding under my fingers as my arms

passed over his shoulders and around his neck.

I can still see himâ€`â€`a woolly frizz of blonde hair, long,

aquiline nose--a ram that had once been an angel. Sometimes, when he was

loving me in some exquisitely naughty way and joyfully smiling as he did

it, I could almost see horns…

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Mozartby Juliet Waldron, from Books We Love Publishing


was her teacher, her mentor, her rescuer--and, finally, fatally, her lover. ..


dawn, in the marble palace of a Prince, a nine-year-old sings for Wolfgang

Amadeus Mozart, then at the peak of his career. Always delighted by musical

children, he accepts Nanina as a pupil. Gifted, intense and imaginative, she

sees the great "Kapellmeister Mozart" as an avatar of Orpheus and her

own, personal divinity.

His lessons are irregular and playful, but the teacher/pupil bond grows strong.

Mozart's The Marriage of Figaro premieres, and Nanina, now twelve, is given a

solo part. For her, this is the beginning of a long stage career. For Mozart,

it marks the start of his ruin. His greatest works will be composed in poverty

and obscurity.

During the composer's last summer, his wife has left him. Chronically in debt

and suffering the emotional isolation of genius, he takes refuge with his

disreputable Volksoper friends, who want him to write a "peasant opera"

for their audience. Nanina, now grown, and still in love with Mozart, is among

their number. As he seeks solace among the women of the Volksoper, the charms

of his young fan become increasingly alluring. No one, least of all the

composer, understands the depth of her obsession or how a brief affair will

permanently alter her life.

"This really knocked my socks off,

and so you don't have to know the opera or Mozart's music to love this book."

Kay Cochran

"The brilliance of the plot is that it is timeless ... Teenage fan falls

in love, has a brief love affair with her idol...The characters are as real as

today, once again underscoring the fact that people, after all, never change in

motives or behavior, only in time." Patricia A. Martin


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