Thursday, April 19, 2012

How the story progressed - Quests

An autographed copy of Quests will be given to one person who lets me know how to reach them.

Quests is the third book in a series. The quests in the story are three. The now nine young teens now must find more of the gems that enhance their affinities, the remaining young people iwth affinities to round out their group of sixteen, four in each affinity and the remaining talismans they use with their affinities, fire sword, flute, scrying cup and staff of living wood. I happen to like casts of thousands. Somehow at least for this story I needed all these characters, though the four plus one are featured in the story. Multiple viewpoints in the book allow me to show what's happening and to move from one event to the other. Makes writing a bit complicated since one is switching characters.

During each of the quests the characters face different problems and find their solutions using their affinities for the elements. One group must face rain and more rain bringing dangers of damaged bridges and sink holes. Another group faces the desert and an underground area with rasis and scorpons. Not very nice creatures. The third group must find a new viewpoint character and her sister who are being pursued by two groups of bad guys. This story has action in plenty.

Part of the interesting thing to me was in having the characters mature. They are facing danger and there is the evil Dom Senet and his minions to avoid. A group of these are four boys with affinities subverted by Dom Senet. One is his son. This fact leaped out at me and pointed me to the ending in the fourth book. Still waiting to hear if it's going to be published by the one who has the other three.

Quests was a fun part of the series to write and devising dangers without repeating myself was a challenge.


Anonymous said...

This sounds interesting. It must have made it frustrating though from the blurb.
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Sounds like a really fun mystery.
Hope to read it soon.