Thursday, April 26, 2012

How the Stories Began - Sweet Seductions

Sweet Seductions in the print version contains three stories of the Seduction Series. A Savory Seduction, A Second Seduction and A silken Seduction. An autographed copy will be given away to a commentor on the blog who gives me a way to reach her or him.

This series began with cookbooks. To be specific a series I purchased once a month, years ago from Time/Life. They have been used as research before since the text and the pictures inside are wonderful, as are the recipes. I'm not sure if it was the publishers call for some spicy novellas or that I had an idea for the series. What happened was I began the first story as a single to celebrate my enjoyment of good food. While writing A Savory Seduction, the magazine group was born and so were the four siblings each one running a different magazine of the Good Group. I was also challenging myself to write spicy when I began this series.

Good Eatin' was the first involving Greg who has a restaurant called Five Cuisines. Allie runs the magazine and decides to feature the restaurant. Of course her first sight of Greg brings lust on demand and they connect. Complicating their lives is the Blakefield curse. When a Blakefield meets the man or woman of their dreams no other will do. Added to the curse is the connection between Greg's mother and Allie's father in the past.

While writing this series, though second in the print version, A Second Seduction was the third book. Years ago, Mark fell in love and now he plays the field. He is unsaatisfied with his relationships. A victim of the Blakefield. Pictures taken by a magazine photograper for Good Travelin' sends Mark on a quest to find Christa, his college lover. The picture shows a boy who looks like his younger self and he sets off to seduce her for a secons and hopefully last time and to claim his son, A complication here is her greedy step-sisters.

A Silken Seduction brings Megan to find her live in the magazine world. Steve is a photographer and she has had a crush on him. She doesn't realize he lusts for her but Megan has rules for her life. Megan wants forever but Steve seems to have a short attention span. They have had words in the past. Megan thinks he betrayed a huge spread she had planned for Good Lookin' to a rival editor he was dating. Steve's accident on location brings they together. Seems she's the only one available to bring him to his apartment. Sparks fly between them.

There are three more stories in this series. One about the fourth brother. One about a friend and one involving the magazine's investigator. One is published electronically, A Sudden Seduction, one is under contract and the other is forming in my imagination.

I am not a good cook but I can follow recipes so thanks to the series of cookbooks I have these stories and bits and pieces in other stories using food and scenery from these books. One never knows where inspiration for a story can be found unti it jumps out and grabs.


L.C.D. said...

they all sound sooo good! i'm not a baker, really. i can follow a recipe, but i'm not a cookbook collector or reader like my mother, who has her own special collection that she cherishes more than anything. she also has her own kindle, so now she has digital copies of some of the newer cookbooks too. if they ever put the bell's best cookbooks in digital format, we'll never be able to get sunday dinner again!

i hope you have great success with your books. they sound like something i would definitely enjoy and i know some others who would agree.

Vicki Batman, sassy writer of funny fiction said...

You are so right about finding inspiration anywhere. Over dinner last night, I talked about a program I'd attended and my friend remarked that maybe I could incorporate the event into a story. At the time, I went huh; however, this morning, my head went bing.

Old cookbooks are cool too. I've bought several over the years just for the pictures. Great post!

GladysMP said...

I have read a number of mystery stories where the author included recipes in the book, but I am not sure any said that a cookbook actually inspired the books. I found that both surprising and interesting.

Mary Preston said...

A wonderful collection of stories.

I'm not a great cook, but I do love finding recipes in stories.