Thursday, April 5, 2012

How The Story Began - The Hudson House Murders

An autographed copy of The Hudson House Murders will be given away to one person who leaves me a way to reach them.

Having fans of Katherine ask for another story about her, I began to wonder what would come next. Some news paper articles, some television programs all focused on medical personnel doing things to make them look like heroes or heroines. Not what I wanted for Katherine. Suddenly I discovered there could be an exclusive nursing home for people with money, almost a hotel. Then I remembered the wonderful house that had been converted to another use but was right on the Hudson River and had once had spectacular grounds. Still did. I had used this setting for a bit part in another story. So I went to look at the house behind the wall and with some expansion of the building I could use this wonderful setting. How to get Katherine there. Well Katherine has friends with money and these friends have family. I began to weave the tale.

Katherine has a new tenant, one she rented to herself. No more allowing her son to choose a tenant. This tenant is the estranged granddaughter of an old rich friend. The girl is estranged because she is blamed for the accident that killed her cousin, a bright, or not so bright, young man, There are other complications. But Katherine's friend breaks her hip and goes for her rehab to this exclusive nursing home not far from Katherine's house. During visits to her friend, Katherine hears interesting and strange things about recent deaths at the nursing home. She hears some chance remarks from a young friend. Then Katherine's friend dies. This doesn't seen natural.

The story is now on and Katherine decides to go undercover as a nurse. That's as far as I'll speak about the development of the story since from there the story moved along rapidly.


Anonymous said...

Sounds great!

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joye said...

Interesting story line. I will have to read the rest of the story

GladysMP said...

It was interesting reading about how you came about forming the setting and plot for this book. It developes a different slant than the usual medical heroes.

Janice Seagraves said...

Sounds like an interesting mystery story.