Thursday, April 12, 2012

How the book Progressed -- Refuge - 2nd of The Henge Betrayed Series

One copy of Refuge will be given away to the person who gives me a way to reach them.

Weeks ago I began talking about how the series The Henge Betrayed began and got sidetracked. Happens sometimes these days but I'll get back to that now. Refuge is the second book in the fantasy series suitable for children and adults. One reviewer said this was perfect for the ten year old to read. Another thought adults would enjoy the series.

When I began the second story in the series, some things had changed in the long outline, which actually could be called a novella. I had to think about what those changes meant to the characters. There were alos new characters to introduce, one of them being a mentor. The first book has a scene near the ending when the young heir to Wesren learns he must die. Having written this and knowing he was one of the recurring characters, I had to figure what I meant. Each of these young people has a gem to enhance their affinity for one of the elements. He also had one. Aha, I thought. If the gem is destroyed he could die or be thought dead by Dom Senet the villain. How to accomplish this. In the mean time the four siblings are running away and have no clear destination. During this time Ash attempts to reach their friends and Dom Senet hears her on the winds. This evil man has all four affinities. She panics and her siblings unite to bring her out of this. Their flight continues and they still seek a mentor. During their flight Ash falls into an icy pond and becomes ill. The siblings watch her draw close to death. They then decide to seek an elderly Doma named Jandia.

This woman becomes their mentor and frankly could have taken over the story but I managed to keep the four siblings and their other friends in charge of the story and the action by not giving this woman or any of the other adults a viewpoint in the story. They are also concerned with two friends they left in Cedris and want these friends to join them. Once they rescue their prince friend who has appeared to die, they now must go to Cedris to rescue their two new friends who have affinities.

During this time their affinities are sharpened. They search for a place where they can be free to learn how to use their affinities for Earth, Water, Fire and Air.


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Enjoying this. Will be checking out this series as it sounds interesting.
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Sounds great! Can't wait to read it.


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this sounds great!

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I'd love to read this book...thanks for the chance