Monday, April 2, 2012

2nd April Week Ahead and Week behind

First, the winner of The Midas Murders is misskallie2000/ My email is making a mess of trying to send her the notification so I will try again later. If not, she can send me her snailmail address so I can send the book to her.

Last week was an interesting one for writing. This was the plot draft. Since I decided to really dislike the murder victim one had to see her in action. I set out to do this but first I had to find a way for Katherine to view this action. Doing a flashback would have worked but those tend to slow down the pace. I looked for another way and found one that I believe works. Then when looking over the other books for names of characters I found something that means I must figure a way for Lars to arrive earlier for the wedding since I want an August wedding when the days are still hot. I believe I've figured a way but that will be for next week. Doing the plot draft is always fun since the rough draft has enough holes to drive big trucks through. I do think I've managed to find most of them. If I wasn't a draft writer I would have to worry through these each time I sat down to write and for me this would be very slow. My way of writing mwans I must finish each draft before I go on. One good thing about writing this way occurred years ago when the first chapter of a book was lost during a move. Since I'd done this chapter many times I was able to recreate it with little trouble.

In the coming week I'll finish the last 3 chapters of the plot draft. Then I'll try something new and that means a pause between drafts. I'll be working on the first book of a new fantasy series as yet untitled but I do know what's happening. The planning draft is typed and ready to begin. I'm kind of excited since the series includes my love of Astrology, Fantasy and Romance. Also this week I'll be finding some writer who has given me some kind of inspiration, working on Strategy in fiction, on Thursday I'll be talking about The Hudson House Murders. Friday and Saturday will be my guest Rosanne Dowell and Sunday I'll be visiting 3 blogs.

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