Thursday, December 29, 2011

Thursday's non- Interview - Contest winners

Once again , There's no interview but I'm letting the people who won books in my blog contest just which book they won and finding where I should send it. For some people I have their real names and others I just have their screen names. But here goes. I'll be emailing each later for a snail mail address. May take a couple of days. I am recovering from an overdose of family.

Susan Leech - Murder and Mint Tea

Moon Pie - Requiem Murder

Ann K. Albert - The Midas Murders

Mannouchka - The Temple of Fyre

Charmaine - Obsessions

Patsy -- The Quest For The White Jewel

Fingershankins - Whispers Out Of Yesteryear

Renee Reardon - Healwoman - Dark Moon

Kari Thomas A Double Opposition

Garysue - All Our Yesterdays

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Woot! So thrilled to see my name on your list, Janet. THANK YOU!