Monday, December 26, 2011

26 December - Ahead and Behind

Last week saw not too much writing done but I did manage to clean up 15 of 33 chapters of The Warrior of Bast in the final draft. The last 18 chapters will take a bit since I really have to rewrite several sections of each and then do a read to make sure I included everything that should be changed. I'm sure after the first of the year this will progress rapidly.

This week I'd like to clean up at least four more chapters. Sometimes this is hard since I have family visitors and they do like to talk. Sometimes joyful things throw one off schedule but these times do not last and one looks back on those times with good feelings and the memories help.

My pet peeve today could be thieves of intellectual property since I've been stolen from several times but it's not. It's about publishers who totally ignore the questions their authors send them for months. I've decided after the first of the year I'll write one more note and then if not I'll see about taking the final book of a series elsewhere and maybe even book 1 and 2 that could be out of contract. Hurts to do this but it may be the only way to see them placed where they should be. Five months is too much time to wait for a response.

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