Tuesday, December 6, 2011

6 December - Last Week and this week

I'll put it down to having two grandchildren for the afternoon. At ages 3 and 5 they have more energy than I do. Also put it down to remembering the influences others had on my writing and my eagerness to let others know how they inspired me. So this week days have been reversed. I could also blame getting ready for Christmas. Then there's also age.

Last week, I reached the end of the fifth draft and am well into the sixth draft of The Chosen of Horu. The book is finally coming together as I first imagined it. The hero is finding being in a strange time forcing growth and belief in things he believed impossible. The heroine has not yet learned her lesson, but she will and soon. For she has acted rashly again and is not a prisoner of one of the bad guys of the story.

This week I will make her face what she must elarn to be the ruler of a land at the side of the hero. Then they will end their quest and finally the restrictions against their becoming one will be ended. So within a few weeks this story will be done. For me it will be on to the next.

Question for those who read this. Do you work on one story at a time or can you be working on pieces of several at once. I tried to do this once and found I needed to explore one world, one group of characters until their story ended before going on to the next. But I also learned there could be some planning on the next in my head but not on paper.

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