Monday, December 12, 2011

12 December - Week Behind and week ahead, Contest

Contest rules - 27 book giveaway. Print and autographed.
1. Visit the blog.
2. Leave a comment.
3. Leave how you can be reached.
4. If you have one of my books you'd like write it down. No promises since only one of each of my books is being given away.
5. U.S. and Canada only.

Am being pulled between writing and Christmas preparations since I'm being descended upon by a swarm of children and grandchildren. Last week didn't get as much writing done as I wanted but I did manage to get three chapters to the nearly complete. That means there will only be three to do. Then the final two drafts. One of those is the proofing. Must make this story as perfect as I can since little editing will be done.

This week I'll be switching between cleaning, writing and at the end of the week decorating. Love Christmas decorations and they brighten the house so much. Goal is to finish the three chapters of draft 5 and begin draft 6 clearing up all the little bits left over or where I need to look up names or places from the book before.

Do I have a peeve this week. There's the ongoing one about thieves of intellectual property. Bothers me a lot and there doesn't seem to be anything to do to stop these people from taking what they want. Many are in other countries but it's the ones here who really anger me. My feeling is if you can't afford to buy a book and you cn't find it at the library then you shouldn't worry about reading it. There are a lot of books out there. Why do you have to steal and take money from writers. They remind me of cockroaches slithering through the darkness and taking what they want. Enough.

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