Monday, December 5, 2011

Monday's Inspiration -- 3 Women writers, Norton, Bradley, McCaffrey

This is a little bit different from the regular posts about inspiration but the death of Anne McCaffrey made me think of the three writers who inspired me in different ways and that's in research. I don't write like them but elements of what they've written have crept into my own writing.

I've been collecting Andre Norton since the 1950's and have most of her books on my shelves. I do enjoy fantasy and science fiction but her book "Shadow Hawk" sent me off to do research on Ancient Egypt and the Hyksos. My interest in this timein history have triggered off several of my books. All Our Yesterdays and The Warrior of Bast plus my current WIP. The Chosen of Horu.

The influence of Marion Zimmer Bradley was slightly different. Though I have many of her books, the ones that really made me think and research are the Darkover series with their use of ESP in various forms. When I read the first one I began researching the subject and have many books on the subject and these powers have found their way into many of my stories.

Anne McCaffrey's inspiration came in the form of dragons. While there have never been dragons on Earth, there should have been. After reading her books on dragons I began researching the various mythologies on the creatures from the wonderful to the eerie. I've written few stories about dragons but The Dragons of Fyre and The Amber Dragon have found a way into the stories I've written.

So this week's inspiration is for these three women who had a great influence on the science fantasy and fiction world and on mine. Do you ever think of the writers who have influenced you. For me there are others as well. I've been reading for a long, long time.

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Karin Shah said...

I was also inspired by Norton and McCaffrey! For some reason, I never read any Bradley, but I know I should!