Monday, October 31, 2011

31 October = Week Behind and Week ahead - Peeve 3

Today's peeve is about those people who think it's their right to steal the intellectual property of others. Whether it's books, movies, songs or whatever the creator is entitled to reap the proceeds from the sale of these materials. I've heard all the excuses about this sharing but electronic material is unlike the paper books shared or re-sold. The electronic copies never wear out and never become antiques. I've read every excuse that could be invented for this kind of "borrowing" but none of them make sense. The one that gets to me most is "rich authors." If someone has had a phenomenal success does that mean they're fair game. No they were the one who sat at the computer and dreamed up the story and the author is the one who deserves the rewards of their creative endeavour. For someone who didn't create the work to reap profits from the "mind children" of others is rather akin to kidnapping. Enough said.

Week behind. 45% done with The Chosen of Horu. Much starting and stopping while doing this draft since I had to refer to the previous book in the series and also to do research both from books and online. Had to rein myself in when coming across something interesting to keep from settling in for a long read. That's the problem with research. Can suck you into a deep well and the work doesn't get done.

Week ahead - Will continue with the story and hopefully get further but the research outline is always the slow one. Starting to get ideas for the next in the Seduction series. Hero is Tony, lawyer and friend of the characters in the other stories.

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