Monday, October 24, 2011

24 October - Week ahead and week behind

Once again I'll start with a peeve. On the many digests I follow people often post exerpts of their work. I would enjoy reading them but often they arrive so garbled there's no sense reading them. It's not hard to post excerpts if one remembers to put a space between each paragraph. One can't do much about missing quotes or strange punctuations that depends on the program being used to create the post. But garbled paragraphs don't pull people to read and also makes the writer look a bit silly.

Last week I reached the 45 percent mark on The Chosen of Horu. I do like the way the story is going but then I love quest stories. And I like exploring this world I've created.

This coming week I'll manage to do a few more chapters looking mainly at setting, but one cannot revise without bits for the plot and the characters creeping in. There are a number of chapters that need expansion since I didn't fill in a lot of details. Whole scenes have been encapsulated into a few words because I didn't want to stop and flesh them out at the time.

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