Monday, October 17, 2011

17 October - Week behind and week ahead

Before the summary of the past week and the future week, comes the pet peeve. I belong to a number of groups and I receive them as digests. Why? To cut down on the number of emails I have to open and read. Being able to scribe down to the ones I want to read cuts down. Some groups have rules that state DO NOT COPY THE ENTIRE MESSAGE. A lot of people ignore this so when finding two messages in a row that I'm interested in reading and perhaps responding, I come to inches and inches of repeated material. Usually I just give up, get out of that digest. Why is something that's so easy to do hard for so many people? Pulling a short bit from the subject or even just having the subject in the line makes things easy to follow. If I want more information I can always go back and read the past posts.
Now for the weeks in review.

Last week I reached the 37% mark on The Chosen of Horu. All the plot points are falling into place and hopefully this week I'll finish getting those straight. This week that'swhat I'll be working on and on doing more promotion elsewhere. Trying to figure how to do this fairly. With so many books out it's hard. Thought I'd start with the publisher with the least books and go onto that. Am also gearing up for the Christmas contest for those who are members of my blog. All of December I'll be giving away a print copy of one of my books. I have nearly enough to last for the entire month. That's a good thing. That means a list. Do love lists.


Grace Elliot said...

What a gorgeous book cover with the cat and the teapot!
Grace x

JL Walters said...

Designed by my son-in-law.