Monday, October 3, 2011

3 October - Week past and week ahead

Another month has arrived and this is the time of ghosts and goblins but that's for later in the month.

Received a nice email from a writer I helped in the past thanking me for keeping the eyes of her characters from wandering and letting me know she's had five sales. That amkes me feel that all the time I've spent critiquing other people's works worth the effort. Sure wish that would bring forth sales but just feeling good is nice.

Am now 30% done with The Chosen of Horu. Had to go back and do a bit of reorganizing so didn't complete as much as I wanted but now it's full steam ahead.

This week I hope to complete at least four chapters of the book through the let's research draft. That does take a bit of time but I do have all my research books at hand and have looked up what I need to find on the internew. Handy thing the internet.

Gradually increasing the number of people I follow and those who follow me on the ones I follow. Have had several iffy ones but I'll consider them later.

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