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Regina Andrews -- Interview

Regina is a soon to be member of Jewels of the Quill. Though we haven't met, the group alsays brings new and interesting internet acquaintances. Welcome Regina. She aslo shares my non-desire to write horror.

1. What's your genre or do you write in more than one?

I write good old-fashioned Inspirational Romances, mostly contemporary but one was set in WWII.

2. Did you choose your genre or did it choose you?

What a great question. It totally chose me. When I wrote non-inspirationals, I think they were okay technically but my heart wasn't fired up about it. What I love about inspirationals is they give me the voice to be able to share a mission of God's love through writing uplifting, inspiring books in His honor. It's so basic, to me -- to gladden people through reading, and to bring the Word of God to their lives in another way, and to reinforce the love of God in their hearts.How come there's so much unhappiness? It seems like there's a vast expanse waiting to be brightened!

3. Is there any genre you'd like to try? Or is there one you wouldn't?

Well, I'd love to try both SciFi and Fantasy if I ever have a chance to research them a bit ! lol I probably wouldn't touch horror.

4. What fiction do you read for pleasure?

I really enjoy Barbara Delinsky, Maeve Binchy, Candace Bushnell, Danielle Steele, Jennifer Weiner and love turning to my classic friends -- Dickens, Dumas and Defoe

5. Tell me a bit about yourself and how long you've been writing,

My mother read to me early on and instilled a love of reading in me that eventually led me to start writing, I think; after all, I still had a story to tell, even if there was no one around and the 'real' story I had been reading was finished! She sparked my imagination and guided me beautifully, and I am very thankful for that.

I live in Providence, RI, and grew up in nearby Barrington. After graduating from Providence College I attended the University of Delaware and eventually earned my Master’s Degree in American Civilization from Brown University. I love nature although I am a complete klutz and not at all athletic! I dream of having a weekend cottage where my husband and I could escape. We really enjoy visiting nearby Cape Cod.

My hobbies include Travel, Museums, Theater, Classical Music, Choral Singing, Stargazing and Gardening. For over twelve years I have been a radio host for In-Sight, an association dedicated to providing services to the visually impaired of all ages. My partner Andy and I (yes, we are known as 'Andy and Andrews') have a live show where we read the news, banter back and forth, discuss current events and take calls from listeners. Fun!

6. Which of your characters is your favorite?

Janet, I can't believe you asked me that! Of course, I honestly love all my characters. But just this week I am completely crazy for my newest heroine, Maryanne Lynch of "Angels of the Heart", book two in the Sterling Lakes Series. Before, I would have said Haley Hawthorne and Aaron Carrier from 'In Good Faith' who are still near and dear to my heart. But Maryanne lost her faith long ago and has just experienced a beautiful reconnection with God. I wasn't sure that was going to happen, and I'm so happy for her that she opened her heart and let it occur.

7. Are there villains in your books and how were they created?

There is a shady group of hoods in 'In Good Faith', and of course there are many villains in 'Spotlight on Love', the WWII romance but no one specifically integral to the plot. The hoods are archetypal crooked businessmen.

Personal demons, but no villains in 'Destiny's Designs' and catty, jealous co-workers in 'The Perfect Proposal' but they are not villains.

The Sterling Lakes Series has the elements of man's inhumanity to man, and unkindness, rather than traditional villains.

8. What are you working on now?
Right now I am doing "Angels of the Heart", book two in the Sterling Lakes Series. The ms is due April 1st and the book will release in August.

9. What's your latest release and how did the idea arrive? (see below, please)
10. Tell me about your latest book and how it came about. Enclose the opening of the book around 400 words.

Thank you for asking, Janet! My newest book is "Light of the Hart" and it just released on Tuesday March 1st from Desert Breeze Publishing

It is centered around a stained-glass artist based in Boston, Cascade Preston, whose world is a kaleidoscope of color and beauty. She has overcome a dark childhood in of Sterling Lakes, deeply shadowed by domestic violence. When she is approached to design new windows for a refurbished church in Sterling Lakes, she ignores the request. But when the no-nonsense Project Manager Dan McQuay appears looking for the window plans, the project takes on a whole new light. Will Cascade be able to keep the dark, protective cocoon she has built around herself intact, or will McQuay break through and shine new light into her heart? Is it possible that God’s plan for Cascade will lead her to forgive the town that ignored the situation her family?

Excerpt from “Light of the Heart” by Regina Andrews

Cascade's heels clicked efficiently with her every crisp step, and she made sure to shuttle as closely as possible alongside the beefy guard who escorted her from the holding room. Getting into her Corolla, she whispered a prayer. "I don't think I'm doing any good here, Lord, but I feel you telling me to stick with it. So I will. Maybe this is the kind of thing that saved my mother." She tried to block the images of her mother's bruises from her mind, but they wouldn't go away. They never did.

The drive back into Boston passed by quickly, without too much traffic. "Lean on Me" blasted from her audio system, and she sang along with all her heart. At twenty-seven, she knew it was technically an oldie, but to her, it was fresh and filled with meaning. Cascade wondered as she sang what it would feel like to have someone to lean on, because she had always been alone.

"There's only one thing that could make tonight perfect," she mused as she pulled into the parking area for her condo complex, "and that's not going to happen, for sure."

Images of her long-gone fiancé, Kevin, came into her mind and heart. Where was he this fine June evening? More importantly, why were things so much better for him without her in his life?

A form crossing her path brought her back to reality. Her eyes narrowed as she noticed someone walking towards her car. A guy -- a big guy she did not recognize.

She shaded her eyes from the late day sun. Dark hair and outdoorsy looks. Work boots. "Nope,” she murmured to herself, “I don't know him."

Hopping from her car, she said, "Can I help you?"

"If you're Cascade Preston, you sure can."

He folded his arms across his chest. With all those muscles moving, Cascade could only imagine the stress put on the seams of his light blue cotton shirt.

"And you are..."

"Dan McQuay." He extended his arm towards her. "From the site."

"Hi." Cascade pumped his strong hand, lost in his sky blue eyes. "What site?"

He tilted his head. "The construction site."

"I'm not following you."

He looked at her steadily. "I'm project manager for the retrofit on the church in Sterling Lakes. The one that you're doing the windows for."

Cascade’s heartbeat quickened. Just hearing the name of the town where she grew up made her anxious and tense. "It seems there's been a misunderstanding. No way am I working on anything in Sterling Lakes." She started to bustle past him. "Now if you'll excuse me?"

"Don't run away, Ms. Preston. There's a problem here."


Malcolm R. Campbell said...

Nice interview. Tweeted it before I left. :-)

wendy s marcus said...

Hi Regina!
I write contemporary romance, too. I like a fast-paced, sexy read. I didn't think I would like inspirational romance. But I won a book on a blog a few months ago and actually really enjoyed it.

Congrats on becoming a member of Jewels of the Quill!

Anonymous said...

Delightful, Regina. I like Cascade already.

Anne Patrick said...

Hi Gina! Great interview, my friend. Congrats on your new release. I wish you mega sales and fabulous reviews!

Diane Craver said...

Great interview, Regina and Janet.

I enjoyed learning more about Maryanne and Angels of the Heart. Regina, your Sterling Lake series sound fantastic. Hope you have tons of sales for each book in the series.

Gina said...

Hi Janet,

Thank you so much for hosting me on your lovely blog. It's so exciting to be here and I really appreciate your interest and kind words.

I am thrilled to be a soon-to-be-member of the fantastic group, "Jewels of the Quill." It already feels like family. :-)


Gina said...

Hi Wendy,
So nice to meet you and thank you for your kind good words and warm congratulations!

Isn't is intereesting, as writers, when we find another genre to enjoy - especially one we didn't think would quite be our cup of tea!


Gina said...

Hi Sun,
Great to meet you! I'm going to follow you on Twitter - thanks for the tweet!


Gina said...

Hey there Shoshanna! So nice to hear from you. Great news that you enjoyed the interview -- thanks!


Gina said...

Charmaine, hello to you and thanks for popping in. Nice to meet you! Glad you like Cascade. She told me she loves your name! ;-)


Gina said...

Anne, my friend, thank you so much for stopping by! Janet asked such wonderful questions. I'm so thrilled to be here...can you tell?
I appreciate your kind wishes!


Gina said...

Diane, you are a wonderful friend and a fantastic writer! A vote of confidence from you like this puts me on Cloud 9. Thanks for everything!


Gina said...

Hi All,

I just heard from a friend that there's a review of "Light of the Heart" on Amazon. Here's the link:


JONATHAN said...

REGINA-wonderful interview,congrats on your new release.

JONATHAN said...

REGINA-I am so looking forward to reading all your books in your Sterling Lakes series.Please keep up the good work and publish more books so your fans can enjoy.