Monday, March 28, 2011

28 March - Week Behind and Week Ahead

I'll do this backwards. First is a complaint. I hate paper cuts. I have them on two fingers and typing becomes interesting especially when I have to put on a bandair. Not that's off my chest let's look at the week ahead. I'll be inspired by Bird By Bird tomorrow, More exploration of Plot on Wednesday, Thursday will be an interview when those I've sent out are returned, Friday I'm nearing the end of Becoming Your Own Critique Partner for Writing Tips. Saturday will see part of a chapter from All Our Yesterdays, actually part of a section since there are no chapters in this book. Originally written as a serial but combined into a book. Sunday I'll pop around and find more blogs to visit.

Last week's writing went well and am within about 3 to 4000 words of finishing Confrontations. Always a sad and a happy time. Sad to leave the characters behind since I've spent many years living with them but happy to see all the loose ends tied up. At least I hope I've managed this. Looking forward to a new start on a new story. Not a book this time but a novella. Though for me a short piece takes proportionally the same time or longer than a novel. I have trouble thinking short and many times in reading shorter pieces feel cheated in some respect.

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