Monday, March 7, 2011

7th March March - Past and - The week past and the week future

I'll talk about the future first. I'll be heading on Wednesday for Williamsburg, VA for EPICon and meeting with people i know and those I don't know. Many of us have been involved in electronic publishing for years before it became "the thing." We heard all kind of comments lime - When are you going to write a real book. Ebooks have arrived thanks to the new reading devices and what was considered junk is now looked on as being "real books." People who naysayed are now on board with "the times." Enough of that rant and on to better things.

If things work out, there will be blog posts and if not I'll post them all next week. I'll know by tomorrow if things have worked out. The past two attempts haven't. I think the blogs work on a different time than I do here in the eastern US. If posted Tuesday will see more Birb By Bird inspiration, Wednesday the start of an indepth look at Plot and plotting. Thursday an interview, Friday Writing tips using Becoming Your Own Critique Partner, Saturday the first chapter of Prescription For Love and Sunday 3 Blog visits. I'll be back sometime Monday and the post will be on the conference.

Last week writing went well and I'm within 5000 words of finishing Confrontations. Finally able to beat the final meeting with the villains into shape and soon the characters will be on to normal lives for them.

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