Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Characterization -- Finishing up

This will be the final one on characters and next week I'll move on to a different in depth look at writing mainly the novel. This time looking at Plot.

There is a big difference between characterization in a novel than in a short story or a novella. The first is words. In shorter pieces the writer doesn't have time to develop the character through a multitude of scenes. Here one has to be succinct and also to dwell mainly on one aspect of the character's character. This may be the reason some writers find working the short pieces hard or even writing longer novels.

Here's what the writer of novels have at their fingertips to explore a character.

1. The nu,ber and variety of scenes, situations and interchanges. The main character's nature can be explored throughout his or her life.
2.The number and variety of descriptive and interpretive passages. Can show the impact of the environment on the character.
3. More time for introspection with the character's thoughts showing more of his or her character.

To achieve the great character remember that he or she must always act within the boundaries his or her traits. As the character grows and changes these boundaries will change.

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