Tuesday, November 9, 2021

Tuesday's Writer's Tip - The Rule of Three #BWLAuthor #MFRWAuthor #Writing #Rule of Three

 While last time we talked about repeating a scene with one change, think about what three times might accomplish. The rule of three is something we're all familiar with. Think of the fairy tales from your childhood. The Three Little Pigs is a read look at this. In the story the scene is repeated twice with one difference. Straw becomes wood but with the same result. The third pig builds a house of stone and he defeats the wolf. Try this in your own story.

Three strikes and you're out but maybe not. Think of the baseball game when the batter has three strikes and the third time hits a home run. Remember how you cheered if he was on your team. If not you were down.

Having your hero or heroine try to win and lose twice makes the third try tense. Will he succeed or fail this time? Depending on how you want your story to go is the answer. Think of the villain succeeding twice. What if he fails on the third time? The hero or heroine has tried and failed twice. They are striving for a win. 

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