Saturday, October 2, 2021

Saturday's Blurbs feature Books by Sara Stewart #MFRWAuthor #Romance #fantasy


Where Love Finds You

Sailor has spent a lifetime fighting to get over an ugly past. Driven and successful, she's come too far to let anyone get in her way. Not even gorgeous, sexy Tahoe. Finding him impossible to resist, the only way she can keep from giving in to his charms is by running away.

Raised in privilege, Tahoe is bored with things that come too easy. Craving a life of new experiences and challenges he is constantly seeking his next adventure. Sailor's disappearing acts only heighten Tahoe’s desire to have her, but first he has to get her to trust him and not vanish into thin air.

Will Tahoe finally catch someone for keeps or is Sailor going to slip through his fingers once again?

Book 2: Falling Beyond Dreams
Cassie is the girl next door, a librarian and book nerd. She loves to run and spend time with her best friend, she has even taken up rock climbing. The most excitement she normally experiences is in the sexy books she reads. Imagine her surprise when she becomes the center of sexy Zane’s attention and he introduces her to the world of BDSM.

Zane has been just surviving for years, ever since his parents were killed in a sailing accident and his world was turned upside down. He lacks interest and inspiration and suffers daily from his grief. The only thing that has kept Zane’s attention over the past few years is mastering the craft of being a BDSM Dominant, but even that grows tiresome.

When Zane meets quiet unassuming Cassie, will their chance encounter inspires Zane's passion for life again or will she just be another distraction from his painful grief?

Book 3: Bound by Pride

Business acquisition or BDSM takeover? Working in a male-dominated industry, Delia knows three things; she can sell anything, the only person she can count on is herself, and men are not to be trusted.

John sees, acquires, and transforms companies. His legendary focus and control have made him rich while his ability to recognize and nurture talent routinely guarantee success. Promoting Delia based on merit is the right thing to do, even if he’d prefer her bound and kneeling at his feet.

After finally being recognized for her hard work and effort, Delia wonders if this new boss is different from the men she’s known. Will these two end up in a mutually beneficial merger, or are they looking at a hostile takeover?

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