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2. Heroes, Heroines, Villains. Which is your favorite to write?


It depends on what type of story I am writing.  If it is a time travel story then it’s the traveler regardless of the role they play in the book. I love writing from the point of view of the fish out of water. For the other genres I write in, I like the hero. Most of my heroes have a secret or a problem they are hiding and that always makes for an interesting character.


3. Heroes. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or plain imagination create the man you want every reader to love? Do they come before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?


For me the idea for the story comes first. Once the plot comes together, I develop the characters along with their assets, flaws and backstory. I like to cast an actor for my hero and keep a photo of him in front of me for inspiration.


4. Heroines. How do you find them? Do pictures, real life or imagination create the woman you want the reader to root for? Do they appear before the plot or after you have the idea for the story?


I find my heroines the same way I find my heroes. I start with the idea, build the story and then find the characters. I like to work with strong characters who are opposites, like privileged verses working class, traditional verses independent, and powerful verses activist.


5. Villains or villainesses or an antagonist, since they don’t always have to be the bad guy or girl. They can be a person opposed to the hero’s or heroine’s obtaining their goal. How do you choose one? How do you make them human?


The key to writing a villain is that no one is completely bad or evil. My villains have their own dreams and personal reasons for doing what they do. In my stories you learn the villain’s backstory and the reason they feel they have to do what they are doing.


6. What is your latest release? Who is the hero, heroine and or the villain?


My latest release is Harbinger. This is the first book in The Eldritch Series. This is my first venture into supernatural suspense. The story takes place in 1879.


On All Hallows’ Eve, the barrier between the living and the dead is thinnest.

Nicholas Harwood has inherited an unusual job—keeping the dead quiet. For several nights before All Hallows’ Eve, he pours a potion derived from a family recipe on the graves of the late residents of Dante’s Hollow to keep the dead from walking. So far, he’s been successful. But something—in addition to snow—is in the wind, and he can’t stop it alone. Nicholas and his unlikely group of companions—a druid sorcerer, a witch, and a ghost or two—are locked in a power struggle with rogue supernatural powers intent on unleashing great evil. 


7. What are you working on now?


I’m currently working on a time travel novella for Valentine’s Day. It’s a story that starts in 1806. Henry, the third son of an Earl is on a ship heading for New York when he suddenly finds himself in modern day America.


8. How can people find you?


You can find me at the following places:





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9. Who are your favorite authors?


My favorite authors are JRR Tolkien, Diana Gabaldon, Jim Butcher, and Kim Harrison.



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