Thursday, March 12, 2020

Thursday's Fifth Scene Bast's Warrior #MFRWAuthor #BWl Author #Alternate world #Egypt #Paranormal romance

Just as they reached the edge of the village Horu Ka shot into the air. Kashe checked the area. What had caused the hawk to depart? A group of burly men swaggered from a beer house. He noticed one of them had a club. He searched for some way to avoid them. He had no desire for a fight. The gang surged forward.
     When they parted Kashe saw the reason for his uneasiness. Hebu, beloved of Aken Re, his father’s recent guest, walked with the men. Why?
     “That’s him,” the serpent-eyed priest shouted. “Bring him to the house on the waterfront where I’m staying. You will be rewarded.”
     So Hebu wasn’t content to wait until the moon ended. Did this man of the enemy have an agenda different from the other members of his priesthood? Kashe slid his knife from the sheath and prepared to fight.
     Hebu paused. “See that he arrives alive.”
     Though those words brought a lessening of Kashe’s tension, the odds against him were eight to one. Still he intended to fight. The first of the attackers sped toward him. Kashe waited until the man’s intentions were clear. He slashed with his knife and a line of blood appeared on the enemy’s chest. The man howled and retreated. Kashe moved to the side in an attempt to prevent being encircled. He ducked a swung club. The dodge saved him from a knife wielder. Instead of Kashe the club bashed the man with the knife.
     A cat yowled. An eerie shout answered. For a moment the attackers froze. A stranger kicked one of the enemies beneath the chin. An ally, Kashe thought. Another attacker charged the new arrival. In a blur the man flew through the air and slammed against the street. Kashe evaded a fist and dove forward. He connected with an attacker’s stomach. His ally faced another of the enemy and slashed the side of a hand against the man’s throat. Before long the eight river men sprawled on the ground.
Kashe drew a deep breath and turned to thank his ally. He stepped over fallen bodies. “Don’t know who you are or where you came from but you have my thanks.”
     “No problem. You were in trouble.”
     His eyes widened. The new arrival was a tall beautiful woman. Her skin was a warm brown several shades darker than his. Black hair, clipped short, formed tight curls. Her eyes were as dark as night. Her gaze filled with desire.
     She strode toward him. Her eyes glittered and he saw her beaded nipples press against her breast band. His body responded to her scent. He was primed and she seemed willing.
     He pulled her into his arms and pressed his mouth against hers. The touch felt as hot as the growing season’s sun at midday. He cupped her rear. The aroma of sweat and woman surrounded him. Her nipples tightened against his chest. She fit against him perfectly.

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Carol Schoenig said...

Great interview and excerpt. Alice you have a way with words that are very descriptive.