Saturday, March 7, 2020

Books by Mikki Sadil are featured as Saturday's Blurbs #MFRWAuthor #BWLAuthor #Historical #Paranormal #YA

The Freedom Thief

The Freedom Thief:
Shortly before the Civil War exploded in the South, thirteen year old Ben McKenna was fighting his own war against slavery, on the hemp plantation in Kentucky where he lives. His best friend, a crippled slave boy Josiah, is about to be sold by Ben's father, and Ben must stop that sale by planning an escape for Josiah, and his slave parents. When the buyer f or Josiah arrives early, the escape has to take place that very night. Without any kind of plan, or even a map, Ben, Josiah,  and his parents Bess and Jessie, embark upon a journey to find the Ohio River and the freedom that lies beyond for the slaves. Their journey is filled with danger, deceit, and treachery every step of the way. Will Ben be able to find the Ohio River and safety for his friends? And perhaps more important, will he be able to come home again, as a traitor to the Southern Cause?

The Return of the Freedom Thief:
It is 1861, and the aspect of a Civil War between the North and South is quickly becoming a reality. When Ben McKenna returns home to his grandmother's Kentucky plantation, after being gone for almost a year helping his best friend, a crippled slave, and his parents escape from slavery, he is met with anger, resentment, and even hatred from his parents and older brothers. Only his grandmother, a not-so-secret Abolitionist, is happy to see him.

When the Civil War is declared, his brothers join the Confederate Army, but Ben decides to become a spy for the Union Army. His grandmother sends him to a woman in Lexington who runs an espionage ring, and his troubles begin. His first assignment is hampered by the appearance of a young girl, Puck, who attaches herself to him. He is afraid to leave her on her  own, but she becomes a loyal ally in his future spying activities.

During his first espionage assignments, he works as a newsboy, since they are welcomed in both the North and South camps, and Puck follows along. But soon his assignments become much more dangerous, and Puck must be left behind. He embarks upon a journey already deeply mired in danger and deception. Every mission becomes more intense, and every move he makes is a distinct threat to his life, and soon Ben wonders if he will ever return home. Follow Ben as he secretly engages in his own war between the North and the South, and as he realizes, perhaps too late, that his own survival is not guaranteed.

Night Cries: Beneath the Possum Belly, book one:
Sixteen year old psychic, Gabriela Gaudet, is awakened night after night by the cries and sobs of children's voices. The traveling carnival that Gabriela's French-Creole parents own has come to a small town in Ohio, named Dead Man's Crossing. The cries and whispers have become loud and pleading. Three small girls. Their brutal murder. An entire town closed ranks and covered up this brutal crime for five years. Now it is up to Gabriela to find the killer, and put the children's souls to rest. A handsome young man, Remi, who seems to appear and disappear out of this air, becomes Gabriela's partner in seeking justice.

But there are strong forces within the town who want her gone. Just as strong are those that want her to stay and finish her mission. Then, there are the six stone gargoyles in the high school lobby who apparently come to life after dark. And the six women in the high school office who look perfectly normal...if you don't consider the tall, cone-shaped, and brightly colored witches' hat that each wears.
Accidents harass the carnival. Danger stalks Gabriela with every step she takes. A web of evil surrounds the town, and threatens to draw her into its sticky strands. Will her powers be strong enough to fight off this malevolence, or will the town win again?
         The Possum Belly waits.

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