Saturday, February 17, 2018

Saturday's Blurbs featuring Books by Eileen Charbonneau #MFRWauthor #Code Talker #Chanticleer International Book Awards

I’ll Be Seeing You (Code Talker Chronicles Book 1)

Luke Kayenta and Nantai Riggs are young shepherds of the Navajo reservation in Arizona. They volunteer for an experiment: to come up with an uncrackable code based on their language to be used by the US as it enters World War II. They fly into New York to join the spy agency the Office of Strategic Services (OSS). While on the airfield, Luke catches sight of Kitty Charante, the devoted wife of his Canadian RAF pilot and instructor in espionage. Their paths will cross again. 
In the mountains between Spain and Nazi-occupied France, Luke and Nantai practice the code between radio stations while helping on Allied missions. But off the coast, German SS agent Helmut Adler hears something crackling over the radio lines. In World War I, an American Indian language helped bring down his regiment. Adler swears it will not happen again. He sets his sights on the code talkers. 
The hunt has begun.
Watch Over Me (Code Talker Chronicles Book 2)

It’s the summer of 1942 in New York City. War widow Kitty Charente’s night on the town with a man she thinks is her company’s visiting salesman turns into a hunting ground.  Luke Kayenta is a Navajo code talker, and a Nazi agent is in pursuit.  American isolationists are searching for Luke too.  And his superiors at the the U.S. Office of Strategic Services want to know if he’s cracked under torture in Spain. Kitty and Luke must evade capture from one enemy and death from another as they race from the Lower East Side to the Savoy Ballroom to Coney Island, aided by unlikely allies in the Canadian and French spy networks, a Harlem baker, and even Weegee, the city’s most famous tabloid photographer. 

Rachel LeMoyne
Rachel LeMoyne lives in the Oklahoma Territory at a mission where she and her brother Atoka were taken after their parents died during the Choctaw Indian removal. When the Choctaw nation hears about the 1846 famine in Ireland, they vote to send some of their surplus corn to the starving Irish. Rachel goes to Ireland as a representative of the Choctaw.
In Ireland, Rachel is appalled by the suffering and immediately begins to take steps to distribute the corn, aided by Dare Ronan, a millworker who has a price on his head. Rachel and Dare have to leave Ireland to save his life, and they are married on board ship. 
When they return, they join a wagon train to the Oregon territory. Dare and Rachel make friends among the company and soon become indispensable to the other members of the wagon train. Rachel and Dare also grow closer and their marriage, which has been one of convenience, becomes a true bond of souls.

Janet...Watch Over Me was shortlisted for a Chanticleer Award, so I'll attach a tag for that...Thanks for all, my friend!


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