Tuesday, August 2, 2016

Tuesday's Inspiration - What Keeps You Writing? #MFRWauthor

This was among the first posts when I began the blog in 2008 and still applies. I have added a few years to my life since the day I discovered blogging. But my reasons for continuing to write remains the same. Writing makes me happy. Not only the writing but over the years I've discovered having people learn from my stories or just getting them is nice. I also look at the reasons people don't get my stories and hopefully learn from them.

What keeps you writing?

Celebrated my 72nd birthday the other day and realized 40 years had passed since I published my first short story. There were a number of years when I didn't write because I went back to work as a nurse to put children through college. Nursing is exhausting work. Once I retired, long before I was 65. I began writing again. One of the reasons I keep writing is because putting words on paper and watching characters change and grow better or worse makes me happy. I have had a number of friends who began writing. Some of them were much better than I am, but for some reason, there was nothing to keep them going. I'm throwing this out to my friends. What keeps you writing. Janet


Unknown said...

I had written a couple of short stories when I was younger, but always wanted to write a novel. I was a nurse also and know exactly how you feel. It's such a physically and mentally demanding job it beats you down until there's nothing left. After I retired, I had the time and energy to write that novel and published it last May. I'm on final edits for book two in the series now. I love writing and wish I had made time years ago. Once I started, all these ideas for more books keep coming.

Mia McKimmy

Janet Lane Walters said...

Mia, You're right about nursing sapping your energy. I sole and then had to put my writing aside to help educate four children. The good thing about the return to work was that I stored emotions, not always mine but those of other people.