Monday, June 6, 2016

Meandering On Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #Poetry

Meander 1 - Poem - Soap Bubbles

Soap Bubbles

Those days were childhood sunshine times and we
Found no misting phantoms just out voices.
Gently blowing bubbles of the mind. Freely
Lilting love fly, no thought of making choices.
Soap bubblesfloating innocently surround
Our heds. Children in our bouyancy. Wave
The wand and watch the beads dancing around,
Turning irridescent rainbows. We gave
Each other laughter bubbling from our souls.
In irised fantasies painted on the breeze.
Sometimes two bubbles met, joined to make a whole.
We stretched and reached and tried to seize
Vanished bubbles. Tear damp skin drying slowly
In the sun. Childhood's hidden deep in memory.

Meander 2 - Reading. I've been reading some interesting books. I often judge contests and sometimes I find a book that really turns me to wanting more. Recently I looked through the books I have on my Kindle and found one I had enjoyed. Actually I'd bought two of the series. I went back and bought the two final ones and read all of them. Odd but I find reading a series entirely shows me many things I might have missed. I really think reading helps with writing.

Meander 3 Writing. Finally finished typing thelast of the At First Sight series and did the CAF for the book. Seducing the Baker. When my publisher returns from a conference I'll send it to her and it will be up for pre-sale. I'm working on my friend's book and have time now to type the last draft but I'll do no mroe writing on the book until I have it typed. Meanwhile I'll be rough drafting the Cancer-Capricorn Connection. Hopefully the rough draft will be finished at the same time as the typing of the chapters and I'll move ahead.

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