Friday, June 3, 2016

Friday - Kale or not #MFRWauthor #Food

I've been advised to eat more green and leafy vegetables for a short period of time. For the vitamin K. I should not be here this Friday and Saturday but that's another story that will remain untold.

Back to kale. I know it's sort of an in thing and foodies seem to like it. I bought a huge box filled with dark green leaves. Leaves having huge stems that needed a sharp knife to cut through. My first attempt to use them was in my daily salad. I can't explain the taste but the grass in my front yard tastes better. So do the dandilion greens. I cultivate dandilions since I think they're cute. For three days I ate that kale in the salad and knew this was hopeless. I did not like the taste. Then I cooked some. I thought I would have a big mess. With a bit of added salt and butter maybe they would taste good. Three large handfuls of the leaves cooked down to a half a cup. So I salted and buttered them. They still tasted nasty.

When winter comes I'll try some in soup and maybe they'll absorb the flavors and not taste nasty.

Kale or not. My vote is for not.

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