Friday, June 17, 2016

Friday - This Writer's Wild Imagination #robotics #imagination

Recently I experienced Robotic surgery and was disappointed that I couldn't see what they were doing. After all, they let me watch while I had a double knee replacement. Why? I am a writer and every experience goes into a writer's imaginative memory. Though I didn't get to see what they were doing I did have a vision. You've all read books where the heroine is slated for a ritual death to appease some god. My imagination conjured this scene.

Imagine the OR with the large ceiling light that could be considered the sun. They wheeled me in and transferred me to the table. Asked me what my favorite piece of music. I replied "tThe 1812 Overture" but I wasn't sure that was appropriate for the procedure. So I had "The Nutcracker." Now comes the imaginational part. First they put my right arm on a board and then my left hand. They were strapped down. Then my legs were positioned. That's when I lost consciousness. But in my mind I was the sacrificial virgin, though that doesn't really apply. But writers being writers, they are able to change things a bit.

I am sorry my guest for today didn't send me her material but that's life.F

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