Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Wednesday's Writer's Top - Keeping the Reader Interested Part 5 #MFRWauthor #writing

We've come to the last of the tips for this all important information for the writer. Keeping the reader interested is vital to both the reader and the writer. No one wants someone to toss their book in the middle and never return.

Tip 9 is about characters. Keeping the characters structured and plausible is important. We've all read books where we've wanted to strangle the heroine for taking actions that aren't logical or plausible. Or wanting to shoot the hero since he certainly isn't someone we'd want to know or love. Or the villain who remains in the story when we're all shouting, "Kill him." Those kind of flaws aren't going to make a reader continue to turn the pages or look for your next book.

Tip 10 is about which of the four kinds of prose will keep the reader turning pages.  Exposition, description, narration and action all have a part to play in story telling. Action is what will drive the reader to continue reading. There's also a downside to this. Too much action and the reader becomes breathless so passages where the other techniques are used can give a breathing spell but not too long a one,

Hopefully all these bits have helped you in learning about the reader and keep them turning the pages.

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