Saturday, December 26, 2015

Saturday Coming new books. One cover reveal #MFRWauthor #fantasy romance #contemporary romance

Wizards of Fyre is the third in the Islands of Fyre series, The heroine has been sold by her father to the wizards and she vows to escape before she becomes the reward for one of two young men who will fight for the empty council Seat. Lorana desires neither of them. She won't be a slave. Though the seat rightfully belongs to Arton, he is denies since rather than a wizard by birth he has been adopted. He also has powers different to the other wizards. They can only use the white fyrestones. He can sense power in all the colors. His rival Cretan, is the son of the chief wizard and craves power. He plans to overthrow his father and defeat Arton, taking Lorana as his possession.

There are two books being re-released soon. Each of them has had a complete re-write. Though the story hasn't changed but the language has been edited and changed in places with a few updates.  The covers aren't finished yet but will soon be.

There will be six novellas in the series once they are re-written and edited. The Series title is At First Sight. The First book is seducing the Chef and revolves around a magazine feature and an ancient family feud plus a family curse. The second is Seducing the Photographer and involves the family curse and a photographer who needs to be seduced from his series of one night stands into a committed relationship.

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