Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Wednesday's Writer's Tip - Holding The Reader's Attention - Part 3 #MFRWauthor #amwriting

As a writer, you want people to read your words and if you've written more than one book, you want them to return again and again. Wanting is one thing but finding ways to keep them interested in your book will make them want to return for more.

Tip 5 -Chapter endings - Finding a way to end the chapter to make the reader desire to read on. I'm sure you've all been reading a book and you keep saying "Just one more chapter." This writer has found a way to keep you turning those pages. One way to do this is to end each chapter leaving them wondering what will happen next. I once heard a writer say "Don't end the chapter or a scene with the character falling asleep unless you can make them falling asleep thinking about one of their problems." That will entice the reader to read on. So end the chapter with a question, not necessarily a real question but with a hint of what may happen next. Stir their curiosity to find the answer to the perhaps unasked or asked question.

Tip 6 - Making what seems impossible sound possible. This is especially important when writing a book with some kind of paranormal influenced story. I once ended a chapter with one of the main characters learning he had to die before he could live. Hard to imagine but I know readers wanted to learn what this meant and so they read on. Suddenly what seemed impossible can be possible and draw the reader onward.

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