Monday, November 9, 2015

Meandering on Monday with Janet Lane Walters #MFRWauthor #amwriting #poetry

 Meander 1 - This week's Poem

Seasons of Love

It gently blew into my life, the wind
And brought a gentle, quiet kind of love.
It softly nurtured peace into my soul.
The spring time zephyr coming of first love.
Then with greater speed the heating wind
Ripped through my life entrancing me,
My love became a passioned pinacle
With summer's lushness comes the lustof love.
The freeze grew chill and nipped my heart with frost.
Brough to fruit the seeds of summer sewn.
My love was painted brightly cloored hues.
And autumn showed that love can still glow bright.
But icy winds are entering  my life
Can love endure the death breeze winter finds.

Meander 2. I'm taking part in an on line conference. Not sure I would do this again. There are few people visiting the site it took me three hours to find. I've written about my books and have no idea what else to do. No one has asked questions that I could answer. Today was strange.

Meander 3 - Still working on Wizards and book won't be finished until the first of the year I fear. Also am looking at Kathy's book and tryingto organize a way to finish the book. Looks like I'll need to triple it. Four chapters and a prologue down.means five or six to go. I will have help to finish this. Jeannie can tell me about horses and that sort of thing. I'll be the dumb hero incharge of the horses who knows little about the care of them. Heroine is a horse nut. Love scenes I'll block out and have oneof my two friends polish them.

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