Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Tuesday's Inspiration - ala Anne Lamott #MFRWauthor #aminspired

When I came across this quote in Bird by Bird by Anne Lamott, I realized there was hope for my latest story. "Almost all good writing begins with terrible first efforts." One month into the writing of what may soon be my latest story, I had the rough draft finished. Then I went back and looked at what I'd written. The good thing this was typed into my computer so I couldn't give into the desicion to tear it up. I thought about hitting delete. But then I remembered those hours of writing that were wasted.

But reading a bit further in her book had me doing a second draft and really looking at the plot of the story. Taking the wrong turns that pushed me into a dead end street and finding ways to make the story work. I ended with a better story but certainly not one I would let an editor see. My critique partners might hear a bit of this draft at one of our every two week meetings.

Then came the third run through the story. That's what I'm ready to begin now, That's the one where I look at each line and make sure the story connects. After that comes a fourth draft and then I look at things like grammar, spelling and things like It was and other passive bits. Also thsoe words that seem to be used much too often.

So having that rotten first draft doesn't mean you have to hang the story up. Theis calls for another run through and another until the book feels perfect for you.

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